Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Stray cat found Cambridge

This lovely boy came into us with a nasty bite wound on his leg.  Probably due to fighting with another cat as he was unneutered.  He has now been neutered and his leg has healed up nicely.    If he isnt claimed,  he will need a new home.   He is very timid so would be best in a quiet home without young children and owners who arent bothered about a lapcat.    He is very comical as he alternates between hissing and making a plaintif little miaow begging for food.    He seems to want to make friends but needs time to build trust with humans.


Minnie and Elsa are  beautiful 1 year old sisters.   Minnie (the white one) is deaf and so needs either an indoor home or somewhere away from busy road as she wont hear traffic.  Her fosterers have got her used to wearing a collar and lead.

We would like to home them together as they are very bonded.  They are playful and friendly and Minnie is quite a chatterbox.

They would suit a home without young children.  Could possibly be integrated with other pets as they have lived with dogs and other cats.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Stray ginger cat found Callander Close, Cambridge

This handsome fellow was found with a few minor injuries.  We are trying to locate his owner.  If he isnt claimed, he will need a new loving home soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


This beautiful one year old tabby girl came into our care with a nasty injury to her tongue.  After surgery, she is making a great recovery and needs a loving new home.  She is used to other cats.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

BODI - Black Cornsnake

Bodi is a Black (Anerythistic) Corn Snake apprx three and a half feet long . He was kept loose in a garden shed and because he was so cold he hardly ate any food so consequently was very thin. He is now eating well (2 medium defrosted mice ) every fortnight , has put on some weight and is in excellent condition. He is very friendly but can be very greedy due to lack of food in his past. He is apprx 12 years old and can live until he is 20.
  His requirements would be a 3ft vivarium with heating. A thermal gradient of apprx 28-30c at the warm end and apprx 20-24c at the cool end. A heat mat accompanied by a thermostat can be used plus lights on a time switch or a heat bulb with heat guard (important )could also be used with a thermostat.  Bodi would also need a ' den' and a water bowl.  We also recommend a 2-7% UV bulb.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


Kiko is a 9 year old Chihuahua cross who's owners are very sadly
forced to rehome him.  He is a bright, lively and friendly boy who is
full of beans and loves company and sniffing in the garden and on
walks.  He has not lived with cats but may be able to live with
another calm, mature dog.  His fosterer has found him to be fully  housetrained, good with their calm sensible young chldren and likes his crate.  An all round lovely little companion

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Pair of 7 year old rabbit brothers who need a home together.    Could be houserabbits or live outdoors with good shelter and plenty of exercise area.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Can you give Tango a caring home ? He is apprx 3ft and a beautiful snake although when he arrived he looked like a piece of string he was so thin. He was found in a bathroom and no doubt had had no food for months . However, as you can see he has put on some weight and doing really well, and loves his food. He would need a 3ft vivarium, I'd say he is about 2 years old and will grow quite a bit bigger. He would also need a heat mat with thermostat plus lights on a time switch. A cool end of apprx 20/24c and a warm end apprx 28/30c. A low UV bulb of 2-7% could be beneficial.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


No one has claimed this gorgeous grey and white girl found in Waterbeach.     She is ready for a new home.  A little shy so best in a home without young children. She would prefer to be the only pet.


This sweet cat was found in Girton Rd, Cambridge.   Sadly no none has claimed her so she needs a new loving home.   She was underweight but has now had a dental and is picking up well.   Approx 10 years old.  Used to other animals..