Monday, March 4, 2019

Kaiser is a very handsome black Cornsnake looking for a caring home . He's one of four which came to RSPCA care  in a very poor and emaciated condition. He  is now fit and healthy and eating well . He has a lovely nature and easy to handle and apprx 3ft long.    A vivarium of apprx 2ft/3ft with a gradient of 28c/30c at the warm end and 20c/24c at the cool end. Heatmats or heaters can be used but must have thermostats and heaters should be guarded for safety also a light on time switch. A low UV may be beneficial. Cardboard boxes with doorways cut out make nice warm dens and not forgetting a water bowl.
  He eats 2 defrosted medium mice every 10-14 days.


Poor Piggles needs a new home because her owner sadly died.    She is 8 years old and we think she lived on her own with her owner and would prefer to be an only pet. 
She likes a fuss: but on her own terms - so would be best in a house without young children.
Can you cheer up poor pining Piggles?

Friday, March 1, 2019


Rambo is an apprx 3ft beautiful Cornsnake , one of four that arrived emaciated and in very poor condition . He is now healthy and is eating well. Unfortunately, he is not for the faint hearted as he can be quite feisty when it comes to food as he's very greedy. He's fine when handled and out of his vivarium. He would need a 2ft/3ft vivarium There should be a thermal gradient of 28/30c at one end of the vivarium cooling to 20/24c at the other. Heatmats or heaters should have thermostats and heaters guarded also put on time switches. Low UV bulbs could be beneficial. A cardboard box with doorway makes a nice warm den and a water bowl should also be added. He eats 2 medium defrosted mice every 10-14 days.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dylan and Scurry

This pair of mischevious rat chaps need a  home together with no other rats.     They come with their own very large cage.  (NB the wire floor on the ground level is not good for rats feet so will need something to cover it)

They are on non selective feeding. But love dry sweetcorn and carrots ends as treats.   They were very shy.  But are improving with their fosterer who can pick them up but says they need a bit more work on getting used to handling. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Stray cat - Melbourn

This young cat was found in Melbourn with some fight wounds.    If we dont find an owner, he will need a new home soon.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Stray cat - Milton

This pretty fluffy girl was found injured near the Jolly Brewers pub in Milton.  Now at vets, we are trying to locate her owner.   If they cannot be found, she will need a new home when she is better.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Neutered Male bunny looking for a home

This sweet little rabbit was found as a stray and sadly not been claimed.     He needs a new home ideally with a female rabbit to pair up with.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Herbie - Reserved

This poor little fellow is approx 5 months old.   He was found badly injured having been hit by a car and it was thought he might lose a leg due to nerve damage  Despite this he is making a miraculous recovery and looks like he will keep his leg.
He has been cared for in a foster home and is friendly and used to dogs and a baby.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bruno = Reserved

This shy guy has been living rough and found in Newmarket with a nasty wound on his head.   This has now been treated and if we cant find his owner he will need a new home soon.

Update- his head is healing nicely and he has really come out of his shell.  Affectionate gentle boy who seems fine with dogs and other cats.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Yogi is a 2 ½ year old male chocolate German Spitz (Mittel).  He needs rehoming due to the owner's partner having a bad allergy to him.

He enjoys company and mixes very well with adults and teenagers.  But we think a home without young children best.    He could probably live with a cat but would be happier as an only dog.

Loves to spend time in the garden and play with any kind of sports ball and dog toys

He’s a great character and enjoys being outdoors as much as possible but prefers the shade when it is particularly hot.

He likes a routine with several walks a day, preferably in parks and woods

He has been on a dried food diet for the last 2 years and does like his treats but is not a greedy dog.

He has some separation anxiety so would be best in a home where he isn't left lengthy periods of time.