Saturday, October 2, 2021

Wilbur - Reserved

Wilbur Male 5 Years old, Old English Cocker Spaniel cross.

Black curly coat on legs and tail with straight hair coat on back and face, with white splodge on chest.

Wilbur is an adorable comical dog, at the moment he needs insulin twice a day morning and night to control his diabetes and a balanced diet to get his weight down. Once his weight is down, it may be possible for him to no longer need insulin.
The insulin is by injection but he is well used to staying still for this to be administered. This is also something anyone can learn to do. You do not have to get insulin from the Vet, it can easily be ordered with a prescription on the internet and delivered to your door at a more reasonable cost.

Wilbur has a fun loving character and loves to play. He is like a teddy bear that loves lots of cuddles and will give as much love back as he receives.

He is best as a pet on his own as sharing toys is something of a challenge and Cats are just for chasing and barking at.

He would love someone to be at home most of the days and would make that special someone a lovely companion.

Fully house trained, good on car journeys. Does not beg for food at the table. But will watch if you eat from your lap. Will bark at people coming to the house he doest know.

  • Walks will carry his own lead and does not pull
  • Brings you your footwear
  • Will run for a ball, loves squeaky ones
  • Loves a brush especially with brush mits
  • Will talk to you and i don't mean ask him to speak so he barks, he just has a soft way he talks to you, hearing is believing.
  • Loves to cuddle up on the settee with a cushion.
  • Will sleep on a dog bed in the bedroom at night, but also loves to be on the bed with you and will wait to be asked up.
  • Loves a bone to chew
  • Playing with water

  • Other dog having any toys
  • Cats

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