Sunday, June 20, 2021


Jax is a 3 year old Old Tyme Bulldog. He came into our care because of bad skin and ear trouble which sadly his owners were finding hard to manage. He is doing well in foster care and has had surgery on both of his ears to remove the ear canals. This means he is partially deaf. He is used to sign language and is quite easy to communicate with (you have to talk loudly to him and use signs). He is lovely natured and loves children, he has lived with a child before. We will consider homes with respectful children as he can get quite rough when playing. He is really easy to go for a walk with, never pulls on his lead. He loves to play with squeaky toys and tennis balls, as well as chew on flavoured bone toys. Jax loves people and wants to be near somebody at all times, he suffers from separation anxiety, which he's getting over with the help of his foster carers. He loves to snuggle up with you at night or in the mornings, a belly rub is his favourite spa treatment. He almost never barks and enjoys exploring new places. He may need to stay on a special diet to help his skin condition.

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