Monday, September 2, 2019

Tilly - Puppy - Reserved

This sweet 14 week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed urgently needs a foster home.   But could be fostered by someone interested in giving her a permanent home. 
She has fractured her leg.  This has been pinned but unfortunately the pin has moved. The fracture site is stable, so Tilly the puppy is on strict crate rest for a month - with no jumping and running allowed - before being taken back to the vet in a months time for a further xray to see  if the pin can be removed.  

As you can imagine crate resting a lively puppy is not the easiest thing!  But she has been very good, and adapted to her restricted lifestyle well.  

We are looking for a calm foster home for her 
- without any other dogs (she would not be able to mix with other dogs as she just wants to play with them. A very old calm dog  that didn't want to play might be ok), 
- within reach of the RSPCA clinic in case its needed and the vet school so she can be taken to her follow up appointment in a month, 
- with someone home for most of the day.  

As she needs to be crated except when let out on lead for toilet breaks, company, mental stimulation and safe enrichment in the form of food toys, training games that don't require a lot of movement will be very important.   You will be provided with crate and all the necessary equipment and food and any other necessary expenses are covered by the RSPCA. 

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