Saturday, June 15, 2019

Shadow - REHOMED

 Shadow is a shy but playful young cat, she was found as a stray with a broken pelvis and leg. She has had an operation to fix these problems and her only outward sign of this is a slight limp and a wobble when she jumps. These are likely to improve with time as the muscles and bone gain strength. There is a slightly higher than average chance of her developing arthritis as she becomes a senior cat but other than that there are no ongoing health concerns with her. At first, she was incredibly traumatised; she was fearful of everyone and everything but she has quickly adapted to a home life incredibly well and now begs for attention the moment you sit down. Shadow will likely be very shy when she goes to a new home and will need owners who will take the time to let her get to know them on her terms. She would prefer a home without kids or perhaps with older children who know that she needs space initially. We expect that when she comes out of her shell fully she will be a very cuddly and occasionally playful cat with a hint of mischief about her. Shadow currently lives with a small dog and although scared of the dog at first, now gets along well. She also lives with rodents and has shown little interest in them. Shadow has not lived with any other cats but we think she could live with other cats, given her behaviour around the dog. There would need to be slow introductions to any animal she is to live with because she is likely to be very cautious to begin with. Once Shadow gets to know you, you've got a friend for life! She loves to snuggle next to her fosterers whenever possible and will occasionally try to groom them! She can be a little too enthusiastic with her claws and teeth when playing but she has never used them when scared.

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