Wednesday, June 27, 2018

BODI - Black Cornsnake

Bodi is a Black (Anerythistic) Corn Snake apprx three and a half feet long . He was kept loose in a garden shed and because he was so cold he hardly ate any food so consequently was very thin. He is now eating well (2 medium defrosted mice ) every fortnight , has put on some weight and is in excellent condition. He is very friendly but can be very greedy due to lack of food in his past. He is apprx 12 years old and can live until he is 20.
  His requirements would be a 3ft vivarium with heating. A thermal gradient of apprx 28-30c at the warm end and apprx 20-24c at the cool end. A heat mat accompanied by a thermostat can be used plus lights on a time switch or a heat bulb with heat guard (important )could also be used with a thermostat.  Bodi would also need a ' den' and a water bowl.  We also recommend a 2-7% UV bulb.

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